Early Road Test Appointment

At Early Road Test we guarantee a road test appointment within 10 business days! Rather than waiting the standard wait time of a month and a half to two months, get on the phone now and  Call 718-593-2699 or Email us @ Earlyroadtest@gmail.com anytime of day, if you don't get us right away leave us a message and an operator will return the call/email within 24 hours.

Car for Road Test/Lessons

We are here to help, so if you need us to take you to the test, we can. Early Road Test are affiliated with Driving Schools that are certainly equipped to prep you and take you to the test.

Documents NEEDED on the day of your test!

-A photo learner's permit.
-Pre-licensing course certificate (MV-278) or drivers education certificate (MV-285).
-Certification of Supervised Driving MV-262 for all applicants under the age of 18.

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